Safety & Quality

Why & How we maintain a sterile and clean environment at Swarna Dento Care

At Swarna Dento Care, dedication to quality and patient safety is embedded in everything we do. Quality care, means providing the best possible outcomes and partnering with you to make your dental experience exceptional. That’s the big picture, and we always keep it in mind.

To aid in achieving this endeavour, we ensure that all our equipment and procedures meet international quality standards and are also at par with the safety norms that are laid by the dental governing bodies. As for the safety measures at our clinic, we’ve always kept our patients’ health as top priority, hence, special importance is given to sterilising all dental instruments prior to and post the treatments.

sterile and clean Clinic in Vizag

Sterilisation – the process that helps remove & kill all microorganisms, has always been of utter importance in medical setups & clinics. And because it’s absolutely necessary and important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, in places where you have multiple patients coming in at all times, sterilisation needs to be the most fundamental practice to take precautionary health measures!

An instrument that is sterile – i.e. after a sterilisation process – is completely safe for the human body!

The main sterilisation process at Swarna Dento Care is done using heat, pressure and vacuum, and the equipment which aids us in this process is an Autoclave, which is a high-end steam steriliser.

The autoclave, thanks to its structure, allows the sterilisation process to be carried out by using high pressure and steam, which kills all microorganisms, including dangerous viruses and bacteria and all their spore forms. The use of steam-pressure autoclave, is one of the most effective methods of sterilization.

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