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Disposable Equipments in Covid-19

The world is currently suffering from this deadly disease Covid 19. At Swarna Dento Care, strict SOP’s are being followed and we make sure that the safe distance is maintained too. Along with this, we are using the disposable equipment’s in this critical situation.

Swarna Dento Care is having a huge stock of disposable equipment’s including surgical gloves, syringes, pads, injection pipes, and much more. We strictly take care of discarding all these disposable equipments instantly after being used. Our patient’s wellbeing is our one of the topmost priorities and we make no compromise on it.

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Fully equipped Modern Dental Chair

The knowledge of dental health has been advanced and the dental technology has been improved. Our specialized modern dental equipments clearly reflect our quality. We value the modern dentistry and appreciate every update in our clinic.

Swarna Dento Care aims at providing the patients with the best in every facility. The comfort of our patients is our primary concern. We have arranged a high-quality fully equipped modern dental chair maintaining the international standards. It is quite helpful in fighting odontophobia which is a fear to have a dental treatment. It helps in concentrating the work-light properly maintaining the comfort level for the patient as well as for the dentist. It ensures a correct position and reduces all the chances of an incorrect position.

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It is essential to take care of the patients, dentist and other team members of a dental care unit. For the good oral health, it is necessary that all the dental equipments in a dental clinic should be properly made germ-free. Our of the top-most priority is to have a hygienic environment at Swarna Dento Care.

For the removal of all kinds of germs, we have installed a modern dental autoclave. An autoclave is a machine or a pressure chamber that utilizes high pressure steam and harnesses very high temperature for a complete sterilization process. It removes all kinds of the micro-organisms from the things you put inside the chamber.

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Digital X-ray

The world has been revolutionized and everything has become digital. A high-class dental clinic should have a professional image maintaining all the updates in the dental technology. X-ray machines are a part of basic dental needs and it should be up to date.

Swarna Dento Care has set the advanced dental digital radiography that offers more comfort to both the dentist and the patients. It reduces maximum chances of the exposed radiations. It is much safer and it adds efficiencies to the dental imaging process. The digital X-ray system creates highly efficient 3D-Digital models. It enhances the dental efficiencies and offers greater precision.

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Light Cure Machine

At Swarna Dento Care, ease of our dentist and the patients is one of our top-most priorities. Our equipments meet all the needs and the requirements of a good dental clinic.

In addition to other facilities, we are now using a modern light cure machine. Light cure machine is a light-weight machine with a strong body. It has a UV tooth whitening blue light which does not hurt the teeth or the enamel on your teeth.

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The Intra-oral Camera

Renewation is our recognition. Along with the other technologies at Swarna Dento Care, we have installed an Intraoral Camera. The intra-oral camera is a visual tool which is used to generate the photographs allowing the patient to see within the mouth during the dental treatment. It uses the visible light and offers minimum chances of the exposure to the radiations. Along with other advantages, it is not painful.

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Smart Water Purifier RO+UV

The health of our visitors is of prime importance for us. Swarna Dento Care values the cleanliness. We are having a smart water purifier RO+UV which does not only make water clean but it also removes unpleasant tastes and the odours

The RO+UV purifier ensures that the water is 100% clean and healthy to drink. It has the ability to remove arsenic, mercury, and the lead as well as the ability to remove other toxins.

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In-House dental lab

In addition to other efficient facilities at our dental clinic, we are having an In-House dental lab. Our experienced dental lab technicians are proficient in dental technology practices. They are having years of experience and offer high-quality dental lab services.

Visit Swarna Dento Care to have the most beautiful smile. Get the pro-quality bridges, dental crowns, veneers and stunning prosthesis at the most reasonable prices.

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In-House Pharmacy

Swarna Dento Care has arranged an In-house Pharmacy for the quick services in any emergency situations. Our professional medical staff is highly experienced in assisting medications and assigning prescriptions.

We are having a complete stock of all the needed medications for our patients. We make sure that our patients are having the best medications along with the dental services at our place.

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High speed WI-FI Connection

We assure that we make our patients feel like that there is nothing wrong with them and this is alright to see a dentist if needed. We treat them with love, care, and affection. We are having a comfortable environment for our patients. In addition to the comfortable sitting arrangements, caring staff members and team, Swarna Dento Care provides with the high-speed WI-FI connection.

Patients and visitors can ask the reception if they need any kind of help. We make sure that their query is resolved as soon as possible.

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Sanitization / Disinfection

One of our top-most priorities is to maintain a germs-free environment. We make no compromise on the health and wellness of our patients. An efficient fog-machine has been set up at Swarna Dento Care which kills all the germs and micro-organisms effectively. It distributes the fog evenly in every corner of the rooms. It can kill all the germs, micro-organisms, and all the bacteria from the surrounding. The high-quality fog machine at Swarna Dento Care effectively makes the surrounding disinfected and clean with its fogging technology.

From entering the Swarna Dento Care till going back after every visit, we responsibly consider every requirement and need of our patients. This is why our patients choose us and trust in our services.

Contact Swarna Dento Care for your dental needs and get 100% satisfaction in all your dental treatments. You are just one step away.