Kids Dentistry

Milk Teeth Filling

Cavities on baby teeth are treated with fillings, which help to prevent the cavity from worsening or spreading.

Discoloration of tooth called as tooth decay which can lead to cavities.

These are holes in the teeth.

  • Diet rich in sugars and starches.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
When to be treated pain:
  • Pain in the area around the tooth
  • Sensitivity to certain foods such as sweets and hot or cold drinks.
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Rx (Treatment)-

It depends on symptoms, age and general health

In most cases, treatment requires removing the decayed part of the tooth and replacing it with a filling. These are materials placed in teeth to repair damage caused by tooth decay.

Direct Restorations:-

These need a single visit to place a filling directly into a prepared hole

Indirect Restorations:-
  • These Require Two or More Visits.
  • They Includes Caps and Bridges
  • These are Look like Natural Tooth Enamel
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Habit Breaking Appliance

  • These devices are either fixed or removable.
  • They are extremely effective in eliminating the unwanted behavior and keeping your child growth on track.
  • Certain habits like finger and thumb sucking, biting or sucking on the lower lip and extended pacifier we can interfere with the development of the teeth, jaw and face.
  • For this we can provide guidance on when and how to try to stop harmful oral habits naturally and if that doesn’t work we offer customized habit breaking appliances.
  • Our doctors specialize in the oral health and development of kids, so if a habit is mouth related we have got your back.

These appliances can stop habits when all else fails by either physically blocking the action or serving as a reminder not to do it.

They are excellent for preventing kids from subconsciously falling back into habits while sleeping.

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Space Maintainers

  • Baby teeth actually have a number of important functions, including saving space for the permanent teeth to make their debut in their proper places. If your child looses a primary tooth early because of decay, injury or periodontal (GUM) disease, the other teeth can shift, potentially causing Problems with tooth alignment
  • These appliances making a room for grown up teeth
  • These devices are either fixed or removable depending on your child needs.
  • These are custom – made to fit your little one’s mouth and save the space where the missing baby tooth used to reside, guiding the permanent tooth
  • There by it reduces orthodontic problems
  • Once your child’s adult tooth is coming in correctly, we remove the space maintainer.
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Root Canal Treatment for Kids

  • Your child may need Root Canal Treatments if the tooth is damaged (or) infected in any case.
  • It is a procedure to remove diseased pulp from your child's tooth.
  • After root canal is performed, the dentist will fix a baby crown to protect & restore the weekend tooth to its normal healthy function.
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Milk Teeth Extraction

With proper oral care, your child will likely never have to extract baby tooth(removing visible teeth).

However, extracting baby teeth can be necessary in some cases.

When to be Extracted
  • If teeth are seriously damaged it may be cracked, loosened or impacted we need to be removed.
  • If a filling or a root canal is not enough to save it extraction is preferable.
  • There by it prevent infection from spreading to the rest of the mouth and eliminate the pain and toothache that your child is experiencing.
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